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Leaving… Enough is enough

I left my marriage of 7 years last February in 2018.  I was a victim of Narcissistic abuse.  In my mind (whatever was left of it)- I had to leave in order to save my life and my sanity.   Knowing that I will be starting all over again on my own.  Going into unknown scared me too.  But not as much as staying in my broken marriage.  I was scared of him sometimes; I didn’t know what mood he will choose that day.  He wasn’t physically abusive as much as emotionally.  Later on I started to believe him.  Maybe I was crazy ( he called me).  Never good enough, always something to bring me down, never happy for me and my accomplishments, calling me stupid..  I went along with all of that thinking hey, no marriage is perfect even though that I was the only one in it.  I was alone in my marriage..  After his persistent chatting on his cell phone until 3-4 am in the morning day after day night after night and me lying in our bedroom all alone shivering from sobbing and tears pouring down my face … something inside of me said: YOU MUSH LEAVE!

So I did..

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